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Draupadiin star plus mahabharata

Draupadi is also know as Krishna -Drapadi.Draupadi is very famous for confidence and innocence.she is also famous for her beauty and awatar of many goddess.she is Daughter of drapada of panchal and wife of the Pandavs.she have given Respect to everone but she have never stand injustice of any kind.The king Drapada of Panchal intended to wed his daughter to Arjun in Swayamvara.when Setup Swayamvara For Draupadi by Panchal .the Task was Draupadi's hand had to string Ponaka shoot five arrows at the eye pf a Revolving fish.arjun had done that task.

Pooja sharma played a role(Druapadi in Mahabharat) of most popular mythological serial Mahabharata on Star Plus.she is feeling eassying to play a role of druapadi in Mahabharat.pooja is born in new delhi and has moved to city of dreams Mumbai.firstly she had done modeling then she came to acting.

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