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Lord Krishna star plus mahabharata

Lord Krishna called by many names like nandlal,nand kishore,laddo gopal,nand gopal and many more.he is eighth incarnation of Lord vishnu.nandlal alway lives in heart,and lot of loved by Gopis.Lord Krishna played A Role(Lord Krishna in Mahabhrata) to guide Arjun. Arjun And krishna is good friends.he have lot of knowlege of how to play role of in politics.

Lord Krishna in Mahabharata on Kurukshetra war he told to arjun every thing on the world had done by his Karma with out Karma nothing is Possible.I stayed inthis war because i have vowed to restore Dharma,Arjuna had leason from Mahabharata Krishna,for this speech he made spirit amd give the core message of Gita on the day of Kaartika Amavasya.This is the day when Mahabharta war was Commenced.

Saurabh raj jain was born in dehli.he have done many Tv Program before to role of Load Krishna in Mahabharata in Star Plus.he is also know as Kunal Chopra's brother Anand in Parichay.he had also Done Negative Role in Colors Tv's Uttaran as a Yuvraj Singh Bundela. he is playing the role of Lord Vishnu in Dev ke Dev Mahadev on Life Ok Tv's Serials and programs.

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