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The king of Madra Bhagavana has father of Madr in Mahabarata .She was a second wife of Pandu in Mahabarata .Bhagavana wife really a celestial being an Apsara.All the Apsaras was known for her beauty,so that her daughter Mahabarat Madri also very Prity

When Pandu went for war ,allying many kingdoms ,when he entered Madra ,he found a Army those are waiting for pandu ,Pandu have seen Madri,he want to avoid this war via marriage and he asked to Mahabarata Madri for Marriage then Mahabarata Madri got married to Pandus.

Mahabarata Madri's has bored twins Nakula and Sahadeva of Ashwini Kumaras,after the born of twince incorporeal voice from the anounced that twince will surpas his fathers energy and beauty.

Mahabarata Madri died after the Pandu's Death ,she made sati in History ,she gave twins to Kunti for take care and made Sati.


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