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Pandu in Mahabharata was very Famous because he was the father of Pandavas and first king of Hastinapur.He made king Before blind Drishtrastra because Drishtrasta was blind so how can they made king ,after that younger brother of Drishtrastra Mahabharata Pandu made a king of Hastinapur.Ambalika and Rishi Vyasa had two son first one is Drishtrarastra and second one was Pandu.

One upon time Pandu in Mahabharata went to forest for hunting.He make out a mistake he shooted to Rishi Kindama and his wife when they make out love,that time Rishi was died ,after that he thought to live the kingdom of Hastinapur.

He married to Madri and Kunti.Madri was first wife of Pandu in Mahabharata ,she was daughter of Madra and she had three son with Pandu,she made Sati wheb Pandu in Mahabharata was died and all three son to give second wife of Pandu in Mahabharata to Kunti.

Kunti was Second wife of Pandu in Mahabharata,Kunti was daughter of Kuntibhoja,who was was king of Vrishni.Kunti and Pandu had two son..


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