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Riya Deepsi autobiography Riya Deepsi play the role as a Queen Gandhari.Gandhari(Gandhari in Mahabarata) is wife of Dhritarasta,she have done blindfold herself after marriage because of her husband Dhritarashtra was born blind.she want to feel what is pain of blindfold.she is mother of hundred Kauravas and one Daughter Dushala who married Jayadratha..She is sister of Shakuni Daughter of Gandgara king's. she is alny famoius for one of the Chaste ladies in the histroy.Ghandari's sons were killed in their war against the PAndavas at Kurukshetra,maximum by the hand of Bhima.she amguish in the loss of her sons resulted in her crusing krishna in effect ensuring the destruction of the yedavas.

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