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Sahadeva nakul star plus mahabharata

Sahadeva-Nakul in Mahabarata both are the twins brother.Nakul is forth number of five Pandvas.Nakul and Sahadeva played a important role in Mahabarata as a Sahadeva-nakul.Sahadeva was youngest brother of Pandava. he and his anoyher brother Nakula were twins born to madri.All five Pandava brothers were wds to draupadi.Sahadeva married vijaya,she os his maternal cousin and daughter of Dyutimat, the king of Madra and have a son Suhotra.Sahadeva in mahabarata is have core skill lay in the wielding of the sword and said to mild mannered and bashful.His mastery and expertise earned him the title of an Maharathi.

Lavanya Bharadwaj played a role of SahaDeva on Star plus as a Sahadeva in Mahabharata,

iIn the Mahabarata Nakula and Sahadeva were born to Madri.he was the one who killed all the offspring of all Kauravas.he was the Comand of the seven akshahni the pandav had.his role was not big as a Bhim or Arjun pyayed a role in war, he had defeated Dushasan on yhe first day of war and Nakual in mahabarata was the person who had killed all of Shakuni's Sena .and he had done as a supervisor of the army in mahabarata nakul. Vin Rana playing a role of Mahabarata Nakul on Star plus.


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