Shakuni in Mahabharata: Find all detail about Mahabharata Shakuni!

Shakuni Star Plus Mahabharata

Mahabarata Shakuni was the prince of Gandhara ,he was also know as Saubala.he became the king when his fathers was deied.Shakuni in Mahabarata was one of the main and bigest villains in Mahabarata history.he was the Maternal uncle of Duryodhana;s and Brother of Gandhari.Mahabarata Shakuni is one person who credited as matermind behind in Mahabarata battale.

Shakuni in Mahabarata worked as hated between Panduavas and Kauravas,he had plan war in indian history but he did not success.when he was played Game of Dice in Mahabharata.

Shakuni was travel across the country with the Kauravas.When they reached tample where it is situated,the Kaurvas had divided into weapons among them, its is because when they reutrn from war they will get Moksha by the blessing of LordShiva.

He insulted to Draupadi then Pandava brother's sworn to kill Shakuni ,Shakuni was killed by Sahadeva on seventeenth day of war.

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