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Subhadra in Mahabarata played a important role as a Sister of Lord Krishna. she is alos a wife of Mahabarata arjun and Abhimanyu.Vasudev and his wife Pouravi has father of Subhadra in Mahabarata.she have two brother name is Lord Krishna and Balarama.she born after that krishna was born.She was born by Yogmaya .

Whe she was came into married age ,his elder brother suggested to Duridhana for marriage but all family member against to Duryodhana's .

She married with Arjun.Its is possbile when Arjuna friends Gada discribe the beatuty of Subhadra in Mahabarata.Arjun falling loved with Subhadra.he went to close to Dwaraka,its was the city of Vrishni's,He visisted Dwaraka.Arjun went to his close friend Krishna,he knew that what was in his heart.Arjun Prayed to Krishna when Krishna was in Dyan.Arjun Said that Madava i want to marry with your beautiful Sister (Subhadra in Mahabharata).

Veebha Anand played a role of Subhadra in Mahabharata.





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